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MCAV is the premiere engineering student team developing autonomous vehicle and intelligent transport technologies, from Monash University.

About Us

The Monash Connected Autonomous Vehicle (MCAV) team is a diverse and dynamic group, structured into various specialised sub-teams. Each team contributes to the overall mission of advancing autonomous vehicle technology with its unique focus and expertise. Together, these teams embody the collaborative spirit and innovative drive of MCAV, working in tandem to shape the future of autonomous vehicles.


To create a more efficient, safe, and sustainable future by revolutionising the transportation industry.


To research and develop innovative and practical connected autonomous vehicle and smart transport network technologies.


To pave the way for autonomous mobility through student-led R&D, industry partnerships, and academic collaboration.




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on-road Technologies

Urban Autonomy

Software and hardware R&D to achieve SAE Level 4 autonomy with MCAV’s StreetDrone Renault Twizy and Nissan e-NV200 vehicles.

  • LiDAR and RGB sensors
  • Urban navigation algorithms
  • Drive-by-wire technology
  • Real-time data processing
  • Autonomous control systems
  • Safety driver monitoring


Intelligent Transport Systems

Development of connectivity and autonomy co-operative driving technologies to maximise wide-scale transport network efficiency.

  • Co-operative driving
  • V2X communication
  • Real-time connectivity
  • Network optimisation
  • Traffic flow management
  • Infrastructure integration



Custom-built Electric Self Driving Automobile (ESDA) for the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition in Michigan, USA.

  • Autonomous navigation
  • Vehicle design
  • PCB design and HV systems
  • EV engineering
  • Robotics integration
  • Mechanical analysis

Research Disciplines

MCAV is a multi-disciplinary team, harnessing the strengths of all team members across the university.

Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering

  • Design and integration of electronic control systems, sensors, and actuators
  • Development of communication systems for V2V, V2I through DSRC, and C-V2X.
  • Implementation of embedded systems for real-time data processing.

Mechanical, Materials & Civil Engineering

  • Development of vehicle dynamics, propulsion systems, and energy-efficient designs.
  • Innovation in materials for lightweight and durable vehicle structures.
  • Design of infrastructure modifications to accomodate CAVs, such as smart roads.

Software Engineering, Computer Science & IT

  • Development of algorithms for autonomous driving, including machine learning and AI.
  • Creation of software for data analytics, traffic simulation, and vehicle network security.
  • Design and maintenance of IT infrastructure supporting CAV and ITS operations.

Arts & Design

  • Conceptualising UI and UX design for vehicle control systems and passenger interaction.
  • Designing aesthetic and functional aspects of vehicles and related infrastructure.
  • Visualising and creating communication materials to represent CAV concepts.
  • Strategy development for commercialisation, partnerships, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Financial modelling and asset management for research and development projects.
  • Addressing regulatory and compliance issues, including privacy and data protection.

And many more…

Beyond the disciplines listed, MCAV embraces a wide array of expertise contributing to our R&D efforts.

If you believe you have unique skills to offer, we encourage you to apply and join our innovative team!

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