Dec, 2018

MCAV is Formed

Between 2018 and 2019, the Monash Connected Autonomous Vehicle student team was formed under Monash University’s Faculty of Engineering. The team first began focusing on ITS and autonomous system development. The team comprised of 50 members ranging from 2nd year to final year engineering student across different engineering specialisation such as mechatronics, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering.

Dec, 2019

Autonomous Braking & Parking achieved! – Subaru Retrofit

We demonstrated autonomous parking of our vehicle, a modified Subaru Forester, while stopping for obstacles and a stop sign along the way.

Watch the MCAV End of Year Demo 2019 –

May, 2020

ITS National Research Award!

Our team’s supervisor Professor Hai Vu was awarded the 2019 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) National Research Award. Professor Hai Vu and MCAV team won the award for our work on Virtual Reality Autonomous Vehicle (VRAV) simulations. This paved the way for on-road autonomous vehicle testing and simulated driver tests in dangerous conditions. IT’S is the peak body for advance transport technology in Australia. Winning this award shows that Monash University and MCAV is at the forefront of Autonomous Vehicles and moving Australia to a safer future.

Dec, 2021

Persevering through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite not being on campus in 2020, MCAV was able to maintain the momentum it gained in 2019. The team furthered its development on its hardware designs, perception, and vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) connections. Going forward, the team is looking to build on these projects and see the results in a live demonstration.

Dec, 2022

Expanding our Horizons

In 2022, the MCAV team honed in on key research objectives, consolidating projects for a streamlined focus. Members initiated rigorous testing of autonomous driving systems, commencing full vehicle construction. A standout achievement was the unveiling of ESDA—an Electric Self-Driving Automobile, embodying a fusion of autonomy and sustainability. Simultaneously, the team propelled advancements in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), marking a stride toward an interconnected transport landscape. This year showcased the team’s commitment to shaping the future of autonomous driving through concrete milestones in research, testing, and innovation.

Nov, 2023

2023 – Our Biggest Year yet!

In 2023, the team achieved several milestones in the autonomous vehicle arena. Early in the year, the team began developing a state-of-the-art Level 4 autonomous software stack for the StreetDrone Twizy. Midyear, the team introduced the development of the ESDA, geared to compete in the 2024 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. The team also began engineering an intricate V2V communication system for intersection control. Beyond technical achievements, the team expanded its influence through events like the inaugural Industry & Demo night and the codeDrive autonomous vehicle building competition – in collaboration with the Victorian Multicultural Commission!