Sponsoring the Monash Connected Autonomous Vehicle team as an industry organisation is a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership that offers numerous compelling reasons to get involved.

Support passionate students

Support Innovation

By sponsoring the MCAV team, your organisation demonstrates a commitment to fostering innovation in the field of autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport systems. Your support enables a team of passionate and talented students to work on cutting-edge projects that have the potential to transform the transportation industry.

connect directly to the brightest students

Access to Emerging Talent

Sponsoring the MCAV team provides your organisation with a unique opportunity to identify and connect with emerging talent in engineering, computer science, design, business, and related fields. This can serve as a talent pipeline, allowing your organisation to identify and engage with potential interns and future employees who have hands-on experience in autonomous vehicle technologies and related fields.

Widen your reach

Visibility and Brand Exposure

Sponsors of the MCAV team gain visibility within the academic community, industry circles, and the broader public. Your organisation’s logo and branding can be prominently featured on team materials, vehicles, and at events, providing valuable exposure and recognition.

Invest in the future

Showcase Corporate Responsibility

Supporting student-led initiatives like the MonashCAV team demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and investing in the future. It sends a positive message to stakeholders, customers, and employees about your dedication to education and technological advancement.

Get connected

Networking Opportunities

Sponsorship grants access to exclusive networking opportunities with team members, faculty advisors, and other industry sponsors. These connections can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and access to a diverse talent pool for recruitment purposes.

Make a positive impact

Contribute to a Sustainable Future

Supporting a team dedicated to advancing autonomous mobility aligns with the industry’s focus on sustainability, safety, and efficiency. Your sponsorship helps drive progress toward a more sustainable and connected transportation ecosystem.

Ready to support MCAV?

Sponsoring the MonashCAV team is a strategic investment that aligns your organisation with innovation, emerging talent, and the future of transportation. It offers opportunities for collaboration, visibility, and access to a diverse pool of skilled individuals.

Our Industry & Sponsorship team can help work with you to identify the best way to sponsor the team to be most beneficial to your organisation!

Sponsorships can be in-kind and financial. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian tax purposes.