Category: Intelligent Transport Systems

  • How Connectivity will Increase Efficiency and Safety in Transportation

    How Connectivity will Increase Efficiency and Safety in Transportation

    Bringing connectivity to autonomous vehicles will propel transportation forward with increases in efficiency, safety and reliability. Learn more about our Smart Future Systems development team with our 5 minute video.

  • Traffic Theory

    Traffic Theory

  • Intersection Control

    Intersection Control

    Motivation The intersection braking scenario was created as a way to implement a combination of systems designed by the Hardware, Software and Connectivity teams. This specific scenario is one that relates to the work done by the Connectivity team with their Intersection Control Algorithm (ICA). The scenario sees two vehicles approach an intersection, with one…

  • Intersection Control Algorithm

    Intersection Control Algorithm

    In 2020, the connectivity sub-section of MCAV began researching and developing an algorithm for autonomous vehicles to efficiently navigate intersections through V2V communication.Throughout 2021, we have invested significant time towards increasing the safety of the algorithm, through the addition of a path collision detection sub-algorithm and decision confirmation messages. This video presents an overview of…

  • Interaction Section Semester Update

    Interaction Section Semester Update

    Creating a simulation for traffic Currently, the interactions team is using SUMO as a platform to test different traffic flows, specifically to understand how autonomous cars will impact our driving in the future. Developing a simulator for autonomous car testing Additionally, we are using the Unity game engine to create a simulator for multiple autonomous…

  • Connectivity Section Semester Update

    Connectivity Section Semester Update

    In semester 1, the connectivity team has mainly been working on the integration between the Cohda On-Board Unit (OBU) and the rest of the system so that the wireless channel can be used to send and receive vehicle data. This has been challenging as work had to be done remotely, making debugging especially tough and…

  • And, That’s a Wrap!

    And, That’s a Wrap!

    We recently had our End of Year Demonstration where we demonstrated autonomous parking of our vehicle while stopping for obstacles and a stop sign along the way. This was the goal we set out to do for 2019 when MCAV was first formed in December 2018. This has been a great journey for the team…

  • Mid-Year Presentation

    Mid-Year Presentation

    Wednesday night we had our Mid-Year Presentation Night, showcasing the hard work and progress our members have made so far. It was a pleasure to have Bosch Australia and Monash Motorsport joins us and provide valuable feedback to our team members.

  • First Progress Presentation

    First Progress Presentation

    What a successful presentation night on Wednesday! We are delighted to hear some of the great research done by our team members over the past couple of months. We would like to thank and congratulate them for their hard work over the summer and putting together this wonderful presentation. We would also like to thank…