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  • 2021 and Beyond!


    2021 and Beyond!

    Welcome the first MCAV Newsletter of 2021 To all team members and interested parties, welcome to 2021! It feels like we have been hibernating for the past 12 months, and thankfully it is now time to get ourselves back on track and refocus our efforts in the new year. Unfortunately, due to lockdown our team…

  • Meet Farbod Torabi – 2020 CEO of MCAV


    Meet Farbod Torabi – 2020 CEO of MCAV

    Farbod’s main responsibility in the team is to plan for the team’s short and long-term goals. He is working closely with the leadership team and section leads, by making sure the team members have the necessary resources and motivation to achieve their goals. The most challenging part of managing the team for Farbod during this…

  • Team Statement – COVID-19


    Team Statement – COVID-19

    To fellow teams, supporters, industry partners, our friends and family, Due to the increasing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to postpone all on-campus operations and public events to ensure the health and wellbeing of our team members, supporters and industry partners. The MCAV team will be working in accordance with the Monash…

  • And, That’s a Wrap!

    And, That’s a Wrap!

    We recently had our End of Year Demonstration where we demonstrated autonomous parking of our vehicle while stopping for obstacles and a stop sign along the way. This was the goal we set out to do for 2019 when MCAV was first formed in December 2018. This has been a great journey for the team…

  • Congratulations to Our FYP Students!


    Congratulations to Our FYP Students!

    Congratulations to our eight Final Year students who completed their projects all contributing to our end of year goal. Some of the projects included the gear shift, steering actuator, path planning and parking algorithm, and tracking control.

  • ITS 50th Anniversary



    ITS 50th Anniversary

    Our interactions team recently displayed their simulation at the Melbourne Museum for the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Transport Studies of Monash University. It was attended by transport professionals, infrastructure professionals and academics. Here are some photos from the night.

  • Mid-Year Presentation

    Mid-Year Presentation

    Wednesday night we had our Mid-Year Presentation Night, showcasing the hard work and progress our members have made so far. It was a pleasure to have Bosch Australia and Monash Motorsport joins us and provide valuable feedback to our team members.

  • Welcome New Members


    Welcome New Members

    Today we had a welcome BBQ 🌭for the new recruits and their first meeting to bring the teams together. We want to extend our warm welcome to all our new members and looking forward to what we can achieve together this year 🤩.

  • First Progress Presentation

    First Progress Presentation

    What a successful presentation night on Wednesday! We are delighted to hear some of the great research done by our team members over the past couple of months. We would like to thank and congratulate them for their hard work over the summer and putting together this wonderful presentation. We would also like to thank…