Category: Urban Autonomy

  • Hardware Section Semester Update


    Hardware Section Semester Update

    In semester 1, the hardware team has worked hard on designing new systems as well as reviewing current systems for the autonomous vehicle. However, the implementation of the designs could not be carried out due to the COVID restrictions. Dynamic obstacle drive unit The current gear shifting system is being reworked as it is quite…

  • Software Section Semester Update


    Software Section Semester Update

    The software team has continued to develop the perception, planning and control systems for the vehicle. Our two major themes for this semester have been writing more of our own code, and reducing our dependence on predefined HD maps. These themes have pushed us to improve our software engineering practices, in order to meet these…

  • And, That’s a Wrap!

    And, That’s a Wrap!

    We recently had our End of Year Demonstration where we demonstrated autonomous parking of our vehicle while stopping for obstacles and a stop sign along the way. This was the goal we set out to do for 2019 when MCAV was first formed in December 2018. This has been a great journey for the team…

  • Actuation Testing


    Actuation Testing

    This Wednesday, we successfully tested our autonomous steering actuation system. Our software and actuation sections have been working very closely to make this happen for the past few weeks. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=786246018495657 This is a big milestone for the team to keep us on track for the end of year demonstration – more on this very soon.…

  • Brake Actuation Test


    Brake Actuation Test

    Last Wednesday, we successfully tested our autonomous brake actuation system. The team has been working extremely hard for our very first integration milestone to keep us on track for this year’s goal – autonomous parking. We cannot wait to share our progress in the coming weeks. We would like to thank Monash Engineering, Department of…

  • Mid-Year Presentation

    Mid-Year Presentation

    Wednesday night we had our Mid-Year Presentation Night, showcasing the hard work and progress our members have made so far. It was a pleasure to have Bosch Australia and Monash Motorsport joins us and provide valuable feedback to our team members.

  • How to Teach a Computer to see using Sensors? 🤔


    How to Teach a Computer to see using Sensors? 🤔

    Yesterday we took the car out and went for a drive. In this video, we are using YOLOv3 for object detection (left) and ENet Segmentation (right) to allow the vehicle to see and track objects and movements on our roads. https://www.facebook.com/MonashCAV/videos/2213770915368296/?ref=embed_video&t=1

  • First Progress Presentation

    First Progress Presentation

    What a successful presentation night on Wednesday! We are delighted to hear some of the great research done by our team members over the past couple of months. We would like to thank and congratulate them for their hard work over the summer and putting together this wonderful presentation. We would also like to thank…