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  • How Connectivity will Increase Efficiency and Safety in Transportation

    How Connectivity will Increase Efficiency and Safety in Transportation

    Bringing connectivity to autonomous vehicles will propel transportation forward with increases in efficiency, safety and reliability. Learn more about our Smart Future Systems development team with our 5 minute video.

  • 3D Simulations


    3D Simulations

  • Traffic Theory

    Traffic Theory

  • An Inside Look at the MiniDrone


    An Inside Look at the MiniDrone

  • Intersection Control

    Intersection Control

    Motivation The intersection braking scenario was created as a way to implement a combination of systems designed by the Hardware, Software and Connectivity teams. This specific scenario is one that relates to the work done by the Connectivity team with their Intersection Control Algorithm (ICA). The scenario sees two vehicles approach an intersection, with one…

  • Intersection Control Algorithm

    Intersection Control Algorithm

    In 2020, the connectivity sub-section of MCAV began researching and developing an algorithm for autonomous vehicles to efficiently navigate intersections through V2V communication.Throughout 2021, we have invested significant time towards increasing the safety of the algorithm, through the addition of a path collision detection sub-algorithm and decision confirmation messages. This video presents an overview of…

  • MiniDrone Chassis


    MiniDrone Chassis

    One of the main projects this year for the Hardware section was the development of the MiniDrone – a small-scale version of the autonomous car. Its main purpose is to facilitate quicker, safer and more manageable testing of autonomous features, as well as to serve as a means of training for new and existing team…

  • 2021 and Beyond!


    2021 and Beyond!

    Welcome the first MCAV Newsletter of 2021 To all team members and interested parties, welcome to 2021! It feels like we have been hibernating for the past 12 months, and thankfully it is now time to get ourselves back on track and refocus our efforts in the new year. Unfortunately, due to lockdown our team…

  • Hardware Section Semester Update


    Hardware Section Semester Update

    In semester 1, the hardware team has worked hard on designing new systems as well as reviewing current systems for the autonomous vehicle. However, the implementation of the designs could not be carried out due to the COVID restrictions. Dynamic obstacle drive unit The current gear shifting system is being reworked as it is quite…

  • Software Section Semester Update


    Software Section Semester Update

    The software team has continued to develop the perception, planning and control systems for the vehicle. Our two major themes for this semester have been writing more of our own code, and reducing our dependence on predefined HD maps. These themes have pushed us to improve our software engineering practices, in order to meet these…

  • Interaction Section Semester Update

    Interaction Section Semester Update

    Creating a simulation for traffic Currently, the interactions team is using SUMO as a platform to test different traffic flows, specifically to understand how autonomous cars will impact our driving in the future. Developing a simulator for autonomous car testing Additionally, we are using the Unity game engine to create a simulator for multiple autonomous…