Meet Farbod Torabi – 2020 CEO of MCAV

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Farbod’s main responsibility in the team is to plan for the team’s short and long-term goals. He is working closely with the leadership team and section leads, by making sure the team members have the necessary resources and motivation to achieve their goals.

The most challenging part of managing the team for Farbod during this pandemic has been working out creative ways to keep the team motivated, while assuring the health and safety of the team members. Recently, Farbod has implemented plans to run all of the team’s testing and development on simulations, and prepare for smooth integration with different team sections and vehicles once the situation improves.

In his free time, Farbod likes to play the piano and he starts to learn a few more of his favourite pieces, It keeps his mind clear and gives him something to do in the extra time. He recommends people to play some musical instruments and try out different sports like cycling, and tv shows like Westworld.